Tideway London 2017-2023

Super Sewer Project under Thames River Intermat 2018
Place: London, England
Link: Official site

Incite supplies fibre dosing systems to manufacture tunnel segments which are steel fibre concrete segemnts, to be constructed behind the TBM in this £5 billion project estimated to finish in year 2023.

North West Rail Link, Sydney 2018

North West Rail Link, 2013-2019 North West Rail, Australia 2014
Place: Sydney, Australia
Link: Official site

Incite is honoured to be chosen one of the suppliers in the North West Rail Link project in Sydney. Involving heavily in the consulting work, Incite is supplying dosing systems for both steel fibers and polypropelyne fibers which includes fiber doser, transport belt and bufferbelt for this construction project in Australia.

Grand Paris Express 2017~

The biggest underground project ever in French history.
Place: Paris, France
Link:press site

Incite supplies fibre dosing systems to this plan to be 170km underground infrastructure and totally 205km civil work which will expand the city's metro system to one of the largest in the world. When fully operational in what is expected to be 2030, the new system should serve the needs of the city for at least another 50 years.


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