Here are some of our installation examples.

Fibres from big bags, small bags or boxes are filled into the fibre doser. Desired weight fibres is indicated on the weighing instrument or fed directly into the mixing computer by the mixing technician. The fibre doser then disperses the fibres and feeds them in an even flow for mixing into the concrete charge. When desired quantity is reached, the vibrators receive a signal from the load indicator and the fibre doser stops immediately.
The fibre doser has a cylindrical fibre hopper mounted on a vibration unit. Inside the hopper is a spirally shaped feeder coil. The fibre hopper can be ordered either fixed or removable. The vibration unit has a sturdy, welded steel frame mounted on rubber dampers. Two motor vibrators are mounted on the frame to achieve the special throwing movement which transports and disperses the fibres. The equipment fulfill the directives of CE and EMC.
The fibre doser can handle most types of steel- and synthetic fibres for concrete. The capacity depends on the type of fibres used. The feeding speed is adjustable to achieve optimum feeding for the fibre type in question.
Electrical Connection
The fibre doser are designed for 3-phase connection, 50-60 Hz and 220-650 V. The fibre doser is complete with start/stop equipment and contactor type motor protector in a common enclosure.
Weighing Equipment
The fibre doser is normally mounted on load cells. These are especially dimensioned to stand the reaction forces from the vibration unit, and are coupled together in a coupling box. The weighing signal then goes from the coupling box, via the automatic cabinet, to work as a stand-alone doser or to be connected to the mixing computer. Connection to existing mixing computer systems can be done via analog (0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA) or via serial RS232. Thanks to the intelligent target-seeking system and after-run compensation, the system provides a very accurate dosing result, ± 0,1-2,0% for normal batches.
Screw connections should be tightened after 40 hours of use and then afterwards every 500 hours. The weighing equipment must be calibrated prior to use. Continuous calibration is required for top accuracy. The rubber dampers are designed for 18000 hours of use and normally no service is required. However, exposure to strong sun light, big temperature changes and corrosive environment will reduce the life span.
The fibre doser is delivered ready for use. It is supplied with all components necessary for power connection. The base coat has a top coat in a standard colour according to choice. The fibre doser should preferably be located on a concrete platform in connection with the concrete mixer outlet. The fibre dosage is then achieved in connection with the charge from the concrete mixer. Choice of weighing instrumentation and connection to mixing computer should be made in cooperation with the supplier of the mixing computer.

Add-ons to your dosing system


Depending on what type of fibers you are using, daily consumption, speed and when and how you want the fibers to be added, matters with the whole set up of our dosing system.

We supply with our professional consultancy a reliable dosing system to our customers.

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